Local and Regional Commuting Patterns

The interactive maps below provide information about commuting patterns. The maps on the first tab show local commuting patterns within the Central Lane MPO Area (by Census Block Group).  The maps on the second tab show regional commuting patterns among the cities up and down the Interstate-5 corridor from Salem to Roseburg.

On both tabs, the first map shows the overall distribution of jobs and workers, and that map can be toggled to show distribution by workplace location or distribution by workers' residence location.  Clicking on the first map will select a specific location (either a Block Group or a city), and will change the other two maps to show the distribution of workers commuting to and commuting from that selected location.  Hover over maps to see details.

Source: LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) data for Oregon for 2015.  LODES data are part of the Local Employment Household Dynamics (LEHD) program, which is a partnership between the US Census Bureau and the states. The LODES data are partially synthetic in order to conceal specific individual commutes.  Learn more by clicking here.