Public Comment Opportunities

Public comments regarding the selection of projects for use of $7,164,500 CMAQ and approximately $600,000 of remaining STBG funds

Submitted applications and additional information for this Metropolitan Policy Committee (MPC) agenda item can be found in the July MPC meeting materials here

The June 30, 2017 release of the July 2017 MPC packet will open a public comment period on the use of the MPO’s FY16-18 Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) and residual FY16-18 Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funds. The remaining timeline for this round of funding is:

June 30 MPC packet released for July 6 meeting containing CMAQ and STBG funding applications and public comment period opens
July 6 MPC conducts public hearing; discusses CMAQ and STBG applications and project selection strategy and provides feedback to staff
July 19 TPC develops CMAQ and STBG funding recommendations for MPC 
Aug 3 Public comment period closes; MPC conducts second public hearing; MPC action regarding recommendations

As noted in the timeline, TPC staff will consider feedback from MPC and all public comments to date in developing a funding recommendation at the July 19 TPC meeting. Any public comments received after the TPC meeting will be conveyed to MPC prior to any decision.

The public comment period is open from June 30, 2017- August 3, 2017. 

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How to Comment

For all of the public comment opportunities you may comment by mailing, emailing, providing comment online or in person at the public hearing (if applicable).



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Metropolitan Policy Committee
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Contact MPO Program Manager at Lane Council of Governments Paul Thompson at 541-682-4283, or via email.