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Public Hearing and Public Comment Period for Draft Safety Action Plan

The Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC) will hold a public hearing at their February 2nd meeting for the Draft Safety Action Plan. The Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Regional Safety Action Plan is the first of its kind for our region. In 2015, the MPO and Lane County began collaboration on an innovative planning process that addresses the growing need to prioritize safety throughout our transportation system. The draft plan proposes goals, strategies, and performance measures to achieve a culture of safety that prioritizes a reduction of fatal and severe crashes on the transportation system. 

More detailed information about this project can be found as part of the MPC agenda 

The public comment period is open from December 29, 2016- February 19, 2017.

How to Comment

For all of the public comment opportunities you may comment by mailing, emailing, providing comment online or in person at the public hearing (if applicable).



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Contact MPO Program Manager at Lane Council of Governments Paul Thompson at 541-682-4283, or via email.