VMT Crash Rates

These bar charts show fatality and injury rates normalized by vehicle miles traveled (VMT), by year and by type (class) of roadway, within the Eugene-Springfield urban area (which closely approximates the Central Lane MPO area).  Use the tabs along the top edge to bring up separate sets of bar charts for fatalities, serious injuries, and all injuries. On each tab, the upper chart shows overall rates by VMT by year, while the middle chart shows rates by VMT for different classes of roadway. Click on any year in the upper chart to filter the middle chart to show data for that year only. Clicking on any roadway class in the middle chart will populate the lower chart with rates by VMT by year for that particular roadway type. In general, freeways and expressways tend to be have lower injury and fatality rates than other types of arterials.

(​Source: Crash and VMT data from ODOT.)