Transit Ridership Data


The dashboard below shows data events recorded by automatic passenger counter (APC) equipment installed on Lane Transit District (LTD) buses. This equipment automatically records when passengers get on or off the bus. The map and charts below represent boardings only, and do not include de-boardings. The data shown include one full year of ridership counts.

The upper box chart summarizes the average number of passengers boarding buses by time of day (hour) over the entire year. The line chart represents the hour-by-hour shares of total average boardings. The lower box chart summarizes average boardings by route. Each of these charts, including the map, the hourly totals, the hourly shares, and the averages by route, are broken out by weekday and weekend days. The map graphic details the total number of boardings on buses by transit stop for a given interval, such as a combination of time of day and type of day (weekday or weekend).

If you have questions or comments regarding this dashboard or the underlying data, please contact Ellen Currier (, Senior Transportation Planner for Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization (CLMPO).