Bikes on Buses

Bikes on Buses Data Explanation

The data visualization below shows data events recorded by Lane Transit District (LTD) bus operators where bus riders stored their bicycle on the bus. This data is recorded manually and requires the bus operator to remember to push a button to record the event so the data may not fully account for every instance of a bus rider bringing their bicycle on board the bus. The visualization does not currently include bicycles being brought onto the EmX buses, but future improvements may include these data.
The data visualization allows the user to review data for year 2007 to mid-2012. The bar chart summarizes the number of bicycles brought aboard buses by month for either all years or a single year selected by the user. The line chart expresses the selected data as an hourly proportion of total counts. Each of these charts, including the map, the monthly totals, and the hourly shares, are broken out by weekday and weekend days. The map graphic details the total number of bicycles brought aboard buses by transit stop for a given interval, either all years combined or a single year selected by the user.

If you have questions or comments regarding this dashboard or the underlying data, please contact Ellen Currier (, Senior Transportation Planner for Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization (CLMPO).