Request for Proposal: Partnership Agreement

The Lane Council of Governments is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to provide professional consulting services in support of restructuring a multi-jurisdictional GIS services partnership agreement. Consultants are invited to submit a proposal outlining their experience and qualifications in performing work directly related to the services required.

Proposals will be accepted until 5:00 pm PDT, on July 31, 2017, by email sent to: There will be no formal opening. Pre-qualification of proposer is not required. Facsimile proposals will not be accepted. Proposals will not be accepted after the stated date and time. Late proposals will be returned to the vendor unopened. Prospective bidders may obtain RFP at Other electronic documents may be obtained by email request submitted to

Questions & Answers

  1. Do you want resumes for all members of the team or only the lead project team member?
    • Please include a resume for all project team members.
  2. Has a budget been set for this project? If yes, what is the budget range?
    • No specific budget has been set for this work. As an association of public agencies, LCOG always seeks to maximize value for the taxpayers who fund the partner agencies.
  3. Can the work be performed remotely? Or a combination of remote and on-site?
    • Some on-site presence is required for both phases.  It is acceptable to conduct some of the work remotely.
  4. What does the term "Inventory Partner Interactions" mean? What is LCOG looking for here?
    • Partner interactions refers to how the different CPA partners interact; what transactions occur, who receives or purchases services from whom, types of transactions, partner roles within the system.
  5. Does the deliverable #8. Build Funding Business Plan need to map into a F2019 and/or beyond work plan?
    • The CPA/RLID will need a business plan that will allow it to operate in a fiscally sound and successful manner into the future. Revenue must meet or exceed expense for the CPA to continue to provide products and services; a business plan should identify sources of revenue adequate to cover costs. LCOG and the CPA partners will ultimately integrate the business plan into the overall work plan.
  6. On Page 7, you state: The Partners are prepared to program a series of meetings over the course of a year to advance the partnership review. In general, the Consultant, with assistance from LCOG staff, will research each topic area,...what is meant by the term "each topic area?"
    • Topic area would or could be any item of substance, including but not limited to: Cooperative Project Agreement/RLID products and services, technology, resourcing requirements, program or system governance, system funding options.
  7. Do you want responders to this RFP to acknowledge addendum? If yes, please clarify how.
    • Should a bidder submit addenda within the open time frame, then the bidder should make it clear in such a way as to be obvious and recognized by a reasonable proposal reviewer. If the question applies to clarifications by LCOG about the RFP itself (this being the referenced addendum), then simply ensure the proposal meets the minimum requirements, including any clarifications and responses to direct questions.
  8. Section 2.5 (p9) lists requirements of cover letter. On page 15, there appears to be a form cover letter. Are these two documents the same cover letter? If yes, do we only submit what is on page 15 of RFP or do we submit a modified page 15 that includes items listed under Section 2.5? If no, where in the proposal should page 15 be located, and what is the intended connection between these two cover letters?
    • Please use the requirements stated in Section 2.5. The sample/template cover letter on page 15 may be used as formatting sample or guide as long as all of the elements stated in 2.5 are included.
  9. Section 2.3 (p8) states that to be considered, "proposals must be submitted electronically." Section 2.5 (p9) under "General" talks about printing on both sides of paper and the proposal using recyclable materials. Section 2.23 (p14) states "To received consideration...2) Only the signed hard copy of the RFP response will be considered for the award of the contract." Please clarify how LCOG would like proposers to submit responses to this RFP.
    • We apologize for the any confusion. There appears to be some language from a template that was unintentionally left in the RFP that should have been removed/changed. Proposals must be submitted electronically in accordance with 2.3.