Water Resources

The water resource team helps area agencies and residents to responsibly use the area’s water resources. From obtaining the water, disposing of waste and stormwater, protecting your drinking water source, and funding your systems, we help to preserve this resource for the benefit of people, plants, and animals.

Staff expertise allows for assistance in all areas of water resource planning and management: drinking water, stormwater, wastewater, watershed assessment and management, wetlands planning, and more. With our wide range of experience and knowledge, we can help with nearly any water-based need.

The Water Resources services include:
  • Compliance with state, and federal laws such as Clean Water Act
  • Ground and surface water, drinking water source assessment and planning
  • Infrastructure finance studies
  • Integration and streamlining of projects
  • Regional water resources assessment, planning, and protection
  • Technical assistance in identifying and designing practices to protect water quality
  • Wastewater and stormwater system studies and planning
  • Wetland research, planning, mitigation, design, and restoration