Safety and Security

Central Lane MPO is committed to improving transportation safety and security throughout the region by providing safe streets for people to walk, bike, access transit and drive. Improved safety and security can be achieved in many ways; by supporting public education, providing response and incident management, monitoring high-risk environments, and engineering the roadway to reduce modal conflicts between users.

Regional Safety Planning Project

In 2015 and 2016 Central Lane MPO and Lane County formed a partnership to develop a Transportation Safety Action Plan in cooperation with ODOT and other regional partners. In April of 2017 the Metropolitan Policy Committee adopted the Transportation Safety Action Plan. The plan is based on data-driven planning process and establishes a direction for policy development in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

Central Lane MPO Safety Action Plan (Adopted April 2017)
Planning process website

Building on the success and partnerships of this planning process, the MPO and Lane County with support from ODOT are launching a Safe Communities Program in Lane County. This program will focus on reducing fatal and severe crashes in our region through education, outreach, and enforcement efforts.

Federal and State Requirements
The current federal transportation legislation, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, solidifies the need for states and MPOs to include safety, as well as, security in transportation planning efforts and explicitly details the need for performance monitoring.

The FAST Act stipulates the following requirements for MPOs:

  • Implement a performance-based approach for decision-making that supports state and national efforts;
  • Coordinate with Oregon Department of Transportation on setting targets and establishing performance measures consistent with those targets;
  • Link the projects identified in the Statewide and Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Programs to performance targets.

Statewide Safety Planning

Oregon has long been a leader in transportation safety through the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Transportation Safety Division. ODOT has developed a statewide Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP). The Oregon (TSAP) establishes a set of actions that Oregonians have identified as steps to a safer travel environment. The document also serves as the State of Oregon’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), a document required by federal law. 

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