School District Maps

The detail images below show each map at approximately full scale. Click on map name or on detail image to download the map (as PDF).
Metro School Attendance Areas
This large wall map shows School Attendance Areas in the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area.
Size: 36" x 48".
Scale: 1" = 2000' at that size.
Lane County School Districts (11x17)
This countywide 11 X 17 map shows school district boundaries and place names.
Size: 11" x 17".
Scale: 1.5" = 10 miles at that size.
Lane County School Districts
This countywide wall map shows school district boundaries, city limits, and major road names.
Size: 24" x 36".
Scale: 1" = 3.5 miles at that size.
Individual School District Maps
Wall maps are also available for each of the individual school districts listed below, showing district boundaries, schools, school attendance areas, and street names.  Size and scale vary.  Click on the tabs below to see a detail image of each map. Click on the detail image to download that map (as PDF).