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The app will first ask a couple of questions about your biking habits and socio-demographic characteristics. The app lets you record your ride using the GPS on your smartphone and at the end of the ride will ask a couple of questions related to the trip characteristics, comfort and safety. At the end of your ride (or at any other time) the app lets you submit data related to route locations with safety or infrastructure issues; the user can upload a photograph of the issue or location and answer a couple of question about the type and severity of the problem.

ORcycle Basic Capabilities

ORcycle has 4 main screens: RECORD, TRIPS, REPORTS, and USER.

RECORD: this screen lets you (a) record a trip or (b) record a location with a crash, accident or safety problem. If you press the "Start Trip" button you start recording your trip. If you press the "Report" button then you will have two options: to report a "crash or near-miss" or to report a "safety issue". 

TRIPS: this screen lets you see the trips that you have made and the related data. It is also possible to see each trip on the map. Each trip row also displays an icon associated to the trip purpose as well as information about the trip duration, distance traveled, and trip date and time. If you select a trip, then you can mark along the trip locations where you have had a crash or near-miss or locations where you want to report a safety issue. 

REPORTS: this screen lets you see reports of crashes or safety issues that you have logged. It is also possible to see each report on the map and the associated data that you have provided for each report. Each trip row also displays an icon associated to the report type and the severity (in case of crashes) or urgency (in case of safety issues). Each icon has a color coding scheme: from red (highest possible severity or urgency) to blue (lowest severity or urgency).

USER: this screen let you provide data about yourself and your riding habits. These questions only have to be answered once. The first six questions are general questions about your bicycling habits and are required. The last seven questions are about your socio-demographic characteristics and are optional. 

Recording a Trip

To record a trip, go to the RECORD screen and click on the “Start Trip”. If you make a stop during the trip you can use the “Pause” button. At the end of your trip click on the “Finish” button. At the end of each trip you will be asked some questions. Only the trip purpose and frequency questions are mandatory. The goal of the questions is to better understand where cyclists ride in Oregon, what factors influence their route choices, and how they evaluate their routes (see FAQs webpage) to provide a photograph of the location. Your feedback will be valuable to understand user preferences.  

After saving a trip, the app asks the user about the purpose and frequency the trip. To reduce user burden, if in the future the user repeats the same trip purpose using the same route there is no need to log the trip again. For example, if you commute everyday using the same route, it is only necessary to log your trip from home to work and separately your trip from work to home just once. The user does not need to keep logging the same trip purpose and route combination in the future unless there is a change in trip purpose, route, or infrastructure (e.g. new bike lanes) along the route. 

Recording a Location with Safety Issues or a Crash
Go to the RECORD screen and click on the “RECORD” button. You will be asked four questions about the crash or near-miss event (mandatory) and two questions about the safety problem (mandatory). In both cases you will then be asked to provide the location of the problem (mandatory) and a photograph (optional). Your feedback will be valuable to understand the frequency and location of crashes or safety issues. Non-fatal crashes are significantly under-reported, your feedback is crucial to better understand the frequency of crashes and the location of areas with safety problems.

Allow GPS Data Collection
The app will ask you to allow access to location services in your phone's Settings. Also, to submit photographs that can be used to locate safety or infrastructure issues you will be asked to allow location data in your camera settings.

Using the App While Riding
For safety reasons, it is recommended that users never look at the screen or interact with the app while riding.

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