IS Managed Services Program

The purpose of this cooperative project is to share the costs of IS (Information Systems) services across a consortium of local governments, in order to facilitate more efficient management of enterprise systems at a lower total cost for all participating agencies. 

The systems used by the agencies are complex. It is difficult to independently fund and arrange for the level of technical skill and support required to successfully operate and maintain the technical infrastructure within each agency.  Currently, LCOG has on staff the following technical resources to make available to the Managed IS Services Consortium:

  • Computer Support Technicians
  • Database Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Mobile/Web Developers
  • Server/Systems Administrators

Section 2: Scope of Services

The Managed IS Services Plan scope of services consists of basic break/fix services provided by LCOG staff, plus the following:

Desktop & Laptop Computer Support: LCOG will provide the labor to maintain the computer operating systems, Microsoft Office products, Adobe Acrobat, e-mail and virus scanning software, and your supported line of business applications.  LCOG will provide the labor for hardware maintenance and repair for covered computers which are still under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Older computers will be repaired to the best of our ability to do so.

Server Support: LCOG will provide the labor to maintain server operating systems, e-mail and virus scanning software, and your line of business applications and databases, including Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server.  LCOG will configure, maintain and, to the extent possible, monitor approved backup solutions and applications.

Network Support: LCOG will provide all labor related to maintenance, configuration, and monitoring of network equipment, including routers, firewalls, switches, and wireless access points on the client’s local area network.  LCOG will troubleshoot and diagnose connectivity issues between devices on the client’s LAN as well as connectivity to the internet.  LCOG will configure, maintain and diagnose connectivity related issues and settings on network printers and scanners.  As requested, LCOG will assist with administering the agency’s security plans, securing the network infrastructure, and regulatory initiatives.

Application Development/Database Administration: LCOG will make available application development and database administration resources.  Features of this service include any combination of the following provisions: software development and integration, database analysis and design, business process automation and user experience and usability testing.  Programming Language: Microsoft .NET; Database Language: MS SQL Server.

Web Updates:  Most members have local staff technically capable of performing their own agency’s web updates.  However, we also understand that this may not present the optimum situation for agencies that may be short-staffed and have more important tasks assigned to these roles, or who have employees with some of the necessary skillsets, but not enough to complete more advanced programming.  As a result, LCOG will provide labor related to performing web updates, as requested by agencies that would like to take advantage of this service.  

The items reflected in the IS Managed Services Plan cover overall activities.  Not all functions, activities or projects apply to all agencies.

For more information about LCOG’s IS Managed Services Program, or to join, please contact the following resources:

  1. Heidi Leyba, Chief Technology Officer


    Ph: 541-682-4452

    Staff Directory
  1. Howard Schussler, Government Services Director



    Staff Directory